Children between the ages 3-6 are in what we know from Dr. Montessori as, sensitive period. This is the period where children’s minds are like a sponge, they can absorb a massive amount of knowledge so it can be utilized later on. This supplementary program aims to provide that support for children, whose parents are seeking for their child to achieve that extra mile.

Our CASA program (1.5 hours) acts as supplementary program towards children who are already in kindergarten. Our Montessori curriculum will allow children to explore and use their innate curiosity to further enhance a solid foundation for learning. This curriculum is more academic focused and includes Dr. Montessori’s 5 main learning areas:

Upon a welcoming period when entering the class, children will have up to 1 hour of uninterrupted work time to explore authentic Montessori work. These activities are not only using authentic materials, but they are directed by our certified Montessori directresses to ensure the children are taking away the most out of every material. The way these activities are planned out, they are designed to intrigue your children’s interests without tiring them down from a day at school.

Our CASA program (3-6 years old) runs twice a week and provides a foundational supplement to children whether they are attending kindergarten already or not. MIMK highly recommends attending the program consistently as this provides the children with a sense of stability and also opportunities to practice their skills learned at MIMK.

CASA (3-6 Years)

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