Nido Classes


為K1入學試費盡心機,排隊填表聽講座樣樣齊,為何不及早為小朋友準備,以最佳狀態面試?!Monteca International PlaySchool由全外籍英語老師組成,提供近3,000呎活動空間,配合蒙特梳利教學法,小朋友「解難力」及「語言力」全面提升!現學費低至$335/堂。新會員更可以優惠價試堂(即日報讀任何課程,試堂費全免)。


It is essential that parents prepare their children for upcoming challenges in their children’s path to education. Monteca International Playschool offers a unique aspect of the Montessori model to enhance children’s ability to concentrate and express their thoughts to the outside world. As they move towards kindergarten , they will be faced with meeting other children who are just as curious to share their thoughts and ideas!


  • 全外籍英語老師,師資優良
  • 位處澳南海岸,近3000呎課室,全區最大
  • 學費低至 $335/堂,彈性上課時間
  • 蒙特梭利教學法,全面發展小朋友潛能
  • 【英式英語學前準備班 試堂優惠】
  • 1小時30分鐘蒙特梭利教學
  • 試堂優惠:$200 (星期一至五) / $300 (星期六)
  • 即日報讀任何課程,試堂費可用於報讀課程
  • 每月名額30位,先到先得
  • 報名/查詢:

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地址:將軍澳,唐俊街23號,澳南海岸Monterey Place,106 室 (上Donki電梯後,向出口直行20米)

時間:星期一至六,9AM – 6PM

電話:2981 0700

WhatsApp: 9445 8323


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