The Montessori Method

Monteca International Playschool’s vision is to provide a once in a life time journey for your child’s education. Our methods are based around this quote:

“The most important period of life was not the age of university studies but the first one.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

A true Montessori education fosters self-motivated, independent, and goal-orientated children with a lifelong love of learning. The education model is predicted on a belief that the best learning will naturally happen in a prepared environment that supports each and every child’s unique development. This scientific method of teaching emphasizes towards social interaction and an overall education of the personality instead of specific bodies of knowledge. Education is not used as a tool to develop intellectual skills, but instead prepares the child for life.


The Montessori pedagogy hones in towards the innate drive and natural tendencies in each child that guides them instinctively to take hold of what they need most to learn at that given moment. The prepared environment provides constant opportunities for the child to have the freedom to choose activities that triggers their curiosity and Sensitive Periods of inner growth. Montessori trained Directresses have a special skill to identify when children enter into these Sensitive Periods for learning and guide them to connect with the Montessori materials in the classroom accordingly. This is one aspect of the Montessori pedagogy that cannot be overstated nor overlooked – directresses, through observations, introduce the ‘exact’ learning tool and the activity that allows practice of a skill at the exact time the child needs, hence promoting utilizing the skills in an almost effortless way to further their development.


The goal of Montessori education is to assist children with their task of inner construction as they grow from childhood to maturity. The pedagogy has withstood the test of time and continues to be a successful and popular choice in its mission across various countries, cultures and religious boundaries because, the principles upon which the method is based extend from the natural development of the child.