Outbreak Notice


Due to recent outbreak of unspecified viral pneumonia strain in Wuhan and the influenza season in Hong Kong, we urge that all parents must take the necessary precautions to keep your children safe. Monteca International Playschool is sanitized regularly and will continue to do so to make sure all our staff, parents and children are in a safe and healthy environment.

We strongly suggest that if you or your child is showing any symptoms such as runny noses, fever, coughing, etc. that you remain home to rest and seek medical attention. In addition, we request that all persons entering Monteca International Playschool to be wearing a protective mask, sanitizing hands and have their temperature taken by our thermometer.

Monteca International Playschool is dedicated to provide children a safe and hygienic learning environment – upon noticing or suspicion of the above-mentioned symptoms, we may ask the person to leave the premises.

For class rescheduling, please email us at info@montecaschool.com or WhatsApp 9445-8323. Classes can and will be rescheduled with no penalty.

Our policy guidelines regarding Prevention of Communicable Diseases also includes:

  1. Children with fever or other respiratory symptoms are strongly advised to not attend any classes for 48 hours, even after the fever has subsided.
  2. All persons entering the premises must have their temperature taken at the reception. Any persons with temperature over 38.0°C will not be allowed to enter the school.
  3. Please wash and sanitize you and your children’s hand regularly.