"Education in Exploration"

Monteca is to be designed into a community, a home a safe haven for natural learning.  This coziness is achieved with a homey layout in mind, home styled elevations lit with soothing flood lighting.

Through consultation and design direction meetings with Monteca’s Director of Education – Mr. Raymond Ng; The design, use of space and spatial arrangement was decided it needed to promote the education style of learning with a collective effort of impacting the physical environment to shape the ideology of Educating in Exploration. 

Color tone are used to mimic the home style coziness while arch design signature is representative of stages and processes of Montessori learning. The direction of open concept design was a main goal of ours to imitate real life scenarios and in learning with the surrounding environment. The teaching methods and concept are in tune and more than manageable for this type of design direction.

Steps and layering throughout the entire space is both metaphorical to learning at a young age while also very practical and real for young learners in honing their main motor skills.

Finally, materials and detailing are specified to rounding out the practical needs of a safe playschool while building a multi-layered (leveled) establishment for next generations exploration.