Kid’s Kitchen (4 sessions in 4 weeks)

With recipes developed by Swiss Luxury brand V-Zug Ambassador Chef, Le Cordon Bleu certified, Chef Kyle Tam, Chef Kyle takes his students through a wonderful journey of cooking various dishes originating from different parts of the world. Through this course, children learn concepts such as:

  • Self-care
  • Responsibility
  • Grace & Courtesy
  • Food Safety
  • Food & Personal Hygiene
  • And many more Montessori concepts!


The course is designed to teach your child, using various methods that our Montessori teachers would direct them to use, to make delicious snacks to bring home! Cooking involves many skills within a Montessori curriculum, such as motor skills, mathematics, language, culture and sensory as well.

These recipes are specifically designed by Chef Kyle to cater to any sort of food allergies and also towards a path of healthy eating. Children love this course as they get to start from scratch and make something that will eventually end up in their tummies! This course is designed for children from 3-6 years old and is 90 minutes per session.

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